Alicia Pizarro


Founder and partner of Newfield Consulting. Her work focuses on the design of new processes in transformation, learning and consulting. She has greatly contributed to the development and expansion of the Ontological Coaching discipline in the world. 

Currently, she leads Newfield Consulting globally, as well as ECORE, which is the School of Ontological Coaching created by Rafael Echeverria.

She is an Ontological Coach that designs and facilitates, jointly with Rafael Echeverria, the ABC “Art of Business Coaching” programs, that are conducted both in the North and South hemispheres; as well as the Advanced Coaching Program.

She has a degree in Education and Technical Education from the

Universidad Central de Venezuela. She also holds a specialization in ANDRAGOGY from the Rafael Urdaneta University.

In the last 20 years, she has formed more than 6,000 students, leading transformation processes both in the academic and consulting areas. 

She initiated with Rafael Echeverria the professional career of

Ontological Coaching, and developed the Advanced Ontological Coaching Magister currently conducted at the Universidad de San Sebastian in Chile.

Also, she participated in the redesign of the teaching practices at the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of

Monterrey in Mexico.